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An open letter to Martin Floreani (Founder & CEO of Flocasts)


Mr. Floreani, 

As I’m sure you know, over the last 2 days, the gymnastics community has been up in arms over an article on Gymnastike.  This article referenced stolen and/or fake pictures of McKayla Maroney nude and semi-nude. At the risk of beating a dead horse, some of your readers’ primary issues with Flocasts’s actions are: 

-The original unedited post linked to the site that contained the nude photos. 

-The photos are dated before Maroney’s 18th birthday, making them child pornography if they were indeed her. 

-The article was posted without the understanding that many of your followers are also minors. No NSFW warning was put on the link. 

-After hundreds and hundreds of disapproving tweets/posts from numerous individuals, including McKayla, the post remains up. 

-Content director Joe Battaglia defended his actions by claiming that Gymnastike was “obligated” to post this. (While major news about the actual sport was completely ignored.) 

The Impact 

Since the boycott began fewer than 48 hours ago:

-Gymnastike’s twitter account has lost 511 followers. These 511 followers  included some of the most influential individuals in the online gymnastics community. 

-The tweet “#BoycottGymnastike” has been tweeted 659 unique times.

-At least 278 people have publicly stated that they are boycotting due to Gymnastike’s poor judgement on this issue. 

-16 people have personally shared with me that they’ve cancelled their Gymnastike Gold subscriptions due to this issue, losing your company between $2,400 and $3,834 in subscription fees over the next year. 

-Numerous elite gymnasts, parents of elites and coaches have publicly acknowledged their belief that the choice to keep this post up is the wrong one. Notable objectors include Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, Victoria Moors, Aimee Boorman & Jennifer Pinches. Do you think that your “journalists” will be allowed in the gyms of those who worry that they or their gymnasts may be exploited?

-USA Gymnastics shared with several concerned fans that they are "disappointed and disgusted with Gymnastike’s decision and lack of good judgment regarding this, and (they) are going to re-evaluate (their) previous decision to grant them access to (their) events."

The Requests

I tweeted earlier today asking followers what it would take to ever return to Gymnastike. The vast majority of responses said that it’s too late; the damage has been done. This list is a compilation of responses from the other followers, as well as from others in the online gymnastics community. I don’t claim to speak for everyone but for many of us, we will never view ANY Gymnastike content in the future unless:

1. The article is immediately taken down from the Gymnastike website.  
2. An official apology is made to McKayla Maroney. 
3. A public apology is made to your readers, many of whom are underage. 
4. Current Flocasts Content director, Joe Battaglia is removed from having any control over Gymnastike’s content in the future. 
5. The staff of Gymnastike is permitted to express their own opinions on this matter without fear of retribution. Staff should not be forced to defend the poor judgment of others. 

I urge you for the sake of Gymnastike, your readers, the gymnastics community and most of all McKayla— Mr. Floreani, take down this post. 



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They say I’m up and coming like I’m fucking in an elevator. 

Big 4 AA More difficult programmes


The D-scores are from their more recent competition.

1- Iordache - VT5.8 UB6.2 BB7.2 FX6.5 = 25.7
2- Biles - VT6.3 UB5.7 BB6.6 FX6.5 = 25.1
3- Yao - VT5.8 UB7.0 BB6.5 FX5.7 = 25.0
4- Shang - VT5.0 UB6.7 BB6.7 FX6.3 = 24.7
5- Aliya - VT5.8 UB6.3 BB6.7 FX5.8 = 24.6
6- Kharenkova - VT5.0 UB5.7 BB7.0 FX6.0 = 23.7
7- Ross - VT5.8 UB5.9 BB6.0 FX5.7 = 23.4

If you notice a mistake let me know.



30 Day Gymnastics Challenge

Day 20 - Favourite off camera moment

The hilarious things that go on under the towel on Danell Leyva’s head. I’m assuming he just sits around pulling stupid faces.



Random shot by someone, but its not a Asian wedding unless you have the engagement party month before, Mendhi (henna) party the day before, 9 hours wedding next day then your own after party then 1 day later the Walima.

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Нi! :) could you translate video called " Блиц. ":) —Anonymous


Your fav color:

Borsch or stchi? (It’s food, soup)
-everyone said Borsch (And I agree haha)

Your fav movie?
Masha - Twilight
Denis - A lot of, can’t name one
Vika - Twilight
Nikita- the dark fields
Aliya - don’t know
David - all movies with Adam Sendler

Football or hockey?
Aliya - hockey
Denis - football
Nikita - hockey

Your associations with the word “hamster”?
Denis-don’t have any
Masha-checks like hamster have

Name the tongue twister.
May I not translate this part? Don’t know how))) they kinda named those little kids learn in kindergarten))

I like artistic gymnastics, because…
Denis: bcz I like it!
Masha: it’s probably my life
Vika: it’s my life
David: bcz I like everything in it
Nikita: bcz it’s cool! Hahaha
Aliya: it’s all I have.


—Aliya Mustafina after every competition probably


Aliya “it wasnt my intention to win medals but i still won all of them lol what can u do” mustafina

Natalie Dormer attends the 2014 GQ Men of the Year Awards in London, England (9.2.2014)

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hi! :) is it okay if you translate maria k, aliya and vika's videos on the rgf youtube channel? thank u so much :) —Anonymous



The video which lasts 3:44
Masha Kharenkova: the atmosphere is good,we all support each other, Aliya is our captain, she always helps everyone and supports everyone - it’s much easier to work when she helps.
Aliya Mustafina: Yes, in general I’m glad, I thought it’s gonna be worse, to be honest, bcz the last camp was very strong and we had much strain and I was little bit tired and thought it would be difficult to compete here and it was, but I managed to deal with it.
Viktoria Komova: My health is…good, on the whole, but my leg still hurts after surgery. Nonetheless after Russian cup I’ll try to do acrobatics to prepare for Worlds. At this competition they “check” the team which will compete at Worlds…they are doing bars now. All girls are working hard, good for them. I think we will be fine there even if they come without me. I’ll support them at home.
Aliya Mustafina: The team will be announced in a very last moment, may be they will even make final decision the day before flying to China, bcz nobody knows what can happen, someone may be sick or …nothing is predictable.
I’m glad Vika is coming back, bcz she’s good on bars and it will be amazing if she has her beam and vault back and then we will have the team to fight for the place on a podium.
Maria Kharenkova: Yes, I’m hoping to make the team to go at Worlds, bcz I’m expecting to win more medals at Russian cup.
-What can you say to your fans?
Viktoria: Root for us and watch gymnastics.
Aliya: I want to wish everyone all the best and just to say a huge thank you for supporting us. I hope they will be pleased with me in the future.

The video which lasts 6:27
Aliya Mustafina (on Moscow team) Everyone did great, everyone was working hard, we didn’t have any falls what is very important, everyone tried their combinations.
Tatiana Nabieva: The “fight” was hard, the Central team and Moscow are both presentable contenders, but apparently we’ve been better that Central today and we’ve come second today. That’s super!
Alla Sidorenko: We are very glad…
Lilia Akhaimova: We were not expecting…
Tatiana Nabieva: Hiii, St.Petersburg
Aliya Mustafina: I know Raisa Maksimovna for a long time, since early childhood and…I’m so happy she works with me now, I’m very lucky that she is a very patronage person, bcz it’s hard to work with my character and she abides me. I’m so grateful to her for that. In general, she is a very kind and responsive person, and knows me very well.
(Then Ganina said smthing like …it was in their interview in a magazine last spring!!) + Ganina said that Aliya is ready at 60% NOW but they still have 20 days.
Aliya Mistafina: I can’t say I’m ready at 100% for worlds now, but there is still a month before Worlds and if we all were in a good shape now, we couldn’t “safe” it for Worlds. Now we have the level which we must have for now.
(Question about her knee) Aliya: thanks God it was long ago and I hope it will never happen again, bcz it’s have very difficult to recover. It was hard to wait until you can do acrobatics.
Ganina talking about her June surgery: they just “cleaned” her joint, it’s happens bcz she’s been doing gymnastics for a long time and put much strain on this leg through years. Now her leg is…well I can’t say bcz not much time passed after the surgery. That’s why we were afraid to work at 100% here.
Aliya: I think we still have enough time to prepare. Russian cup showed us our weak places we are going to work on. 3 weeks will be enough. (about the atmosphere in the team) everything is soooooo peaceful, we all understand each other and support… I feel warm and cosy in this team.
Then they were asked about the best quality in their “coach-athlete” relationships, Ganina said that Aliya is reliable and Mistafina said that Raisa Maksimovna is kind.

[And after that my IPad battery died, sorry :)))) But you can inbox me another video links you want me to translate].